Frequentely asked questions

  1. Information about accounts
  2. Information about orders
  3. Information about payments
  4. Information about shipping
  5. Information about our newsletter

1 - Accounts

There are several easy ways to create an account, you can either create your account before shopping by clicking the Login/Register button at the top of the screen. Or during checkout by thicking the “Create an account?” checkbox, it will then ask you to create a password.

Having a account on our website has a few advantages. The first being a history of previous orders, this way if you enjoyed one wine more than the other you can find out in your account section which wine it was and re order it again with the press of a button. Since you have already purchased something in our webshop before you will not have to fill out anything at checkout either handy right?
A second advantage is that if you also subscribe to the newsletter we will be able to alert you on certain deals that we think you might enjoy depending on your previous purchases.
And Finally in your account section you can easly modify or change your information, download invoices etc.

Yes, you can ask us at any time to remove/erase all your account data. Just send an email to [email protected] using the same email adress as the one you have registered on our site requesting a deletion of your account and data. This will then be carried out within a week.

2 - Orders

Depending on the size of your order it is possible that we had to send it in several packages. Wine being quite heavy, makes it harder to be delivered as a big order in one single shipment. However if after several days part of your order is still missing, please contact us at [email protected] with your order number and we will look into it.

Unfortunately mistakes can happen, please contact us when this happens through either the contact page or by sending an email to [email protected].

Yes, just be sure to tick the “Ship to a different address?” checkbox during checkout and fill in the adress you want your order shipped to.

3 - Payment

Currently we accept 4 different payment methods :

– Paypal : Only available for orders of a total worth of 200,00 € or less. A small handling fee of 3,00 € will be charged.

– Credit Card/Maestro/Visa : Always available. A small handling fee of 2,00 € will be charged.

– Apple Pay : Only available to apple device users. No extra fees will be charged.

– iDEAL : Always available, but can only be used if you own a Dutch bank account. No extra fees will be charged.

4 - Shipping

Unfortunately it is impossible for us to give an exact time and day. Usually it takes about 1 to 3 days for the order to be processed, at that point you will receive a track & trace code. After this point on it all depends on where you live.

Shipping cost vary depending on which country it is sent to. You can find the different prices here.

The total amount you have to purchase in order to receive free shipping will depend on the country you have selected for delivery, more information about that can be found here.

5 - Newsletter

There are several ways to subscribe to our newsletter. The easiest is to go this our dedicated newsletter page and fill in the fields. You can find the same form at the bottom of each page, or press the newsletter button at the top of the page. Finally there is also a checkbox to subscribe to the newsletter just before checkout.

Our webshop uses a quite unique mailing system which enables us to send you targeted deals that match your taste. Does this mean we will send you an email every single day of the week or every week? No. Every once in a while you might receive a deal or some news from our winery.

If you find the emails becoming a bit to much, you can head over to your account section here. And just click the “Manage your newsletter preferences” link. This will take you to a page where you can either unsubscribe or update your email adress in case you have changed.

Still have a question or in need of more information about any of the information given above, feel free to contact us here.